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pinkiris88's Journal

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12 December
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angel food cake, angels, anne geddes, anti racisim, arandas, babies, bacardi, better halves, blushing, board games, bradley nowell, bumble bees, buzzed heads, cacti, candles, canned corn, charity, chocolate milk, cirque du soleil, clothes, clouds, collages, common sense, community service, counting crows, creativity, daisies, dandelions, dark angels, drama, dreams, ducks, elephants, eye liner, eyes, faeries, fairy wings, feathers, flip flops, floppy summer hats, food, friends, frosted flakes, gardens, gas money, gavin rosdale, gay rights, glitter, goodbye kisses, holding hands, holly, honesty, horchata, horoscopes, interior design, irises, joe camel, jose cuervo, kickball games, kisses, lamps, life, lighting, lightning, lip balm, love letters, lucid dreams, magazines, magic, make up, mangos, mashed potatoes, maya angelou, memories, miracles, money, music, nostalgia, olive garden, orange juice, panties, peaches, piercings, pigs, pillow talk, pillows, pink, pink elephants, pink sunsets, pixies, pro choice, purses, quotations, rainbows, rallies, road trips, rob thomas, rodeo, rubber duckies, salt and pepper shakers, school, scrap books, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, showers, skinny boys, sleeping, snow, snowflakes, socks, soft kisses, sonic, soul, stars, storms, strip clubs, stuffed animals, sublime, suds night, summer rain, sunflowers, sunglasses, sunsets, swim suits, tattoos, tears, the wizard of oz, the yellow rose, thunder, thundercloud, triplets, tulips, turquoise, twins, vanilla dr. pepper, vintage, waffles, watermelon vodka, weddings, weekends, weeping willow trees, wind, wishes

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